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post secondary student
success Project


The Post-Secondary Student Success Project (PSSP) is made up of a group of young adults with distinct life experiences navigating the post-secondary education system. They lead and work alongside educators and service providers to explore barriers, supports, and recommendations for systemic change.



Doris Juarez is an academic advisor for TRIO Upward Bound at the University of Southern Maine. She graduated from Deering high school in 2013 and graduated from Smith College in 2017. She became involved in the Post Secondary Success Project because she wanted to connect with other first generation students that had or are in pursuit of a post secondary degree. She wanted to be a part of the conversation that was looking at how first generation students like herself had overcome barriers in post-secondary ventures and learn from the experiences of others so that she can share with her students that she serves in her college access program. Something she has learned being a part of this group, is the power in identifying stories that are often missed when looking at data related to predicted post secondary success of immigrant/low income/ first generation students. She is passionate about empowering others to self advocate and share their stories of how they navigate and overcome the barriers that they face when pursuing their post-secondary education.

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Mike Masudi, student at SMCC cybersecurity major, who is involved in the Post Secondary Success Project because I think of myself as a voice of nontraditional students and students from multicultural backgrounds. My interest in this group is just another opportunity for me to face the inequalities of the educational system in the US and bring my voice as a marginalized student. Something I’ve learned as a part of this group is that change is possible when people are willing to put their differences aside and work together.  I am passionate about and want to keep learning about information security which is my major, but I also want to learn more about environmental justice and social change.

PSSP Youth leaders
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